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Mayfield Highlight #9: Marisa Rowe

Hey Mavs, just a quick reminder that we're only 11 weeks away from the Mayfield 50 Celebration event! We've got a lot more announcements and fun surprises planned for the up coming weeks so be sure to follow us on our social media channels and to have notifications turned on and to also be subscribed to our mailing list for all our upcoming updates!

Moving on from the bureaucratic stuff; we have Ms Marisa Rowe, otherwise known as Madame Rowe to some, as our Mayfield Highlight for today! Ms Rowe taught French for grades 9, 10, 11, and 12 at Mayfield and has been involved in various activities and events for French at Mayfield. We had a chance to speak with her to discuss what her fondest memories at Mayfield are and what she's getting up to these days!

1. What years were you teaching at Mayfield? What did you teach and what other areas were you involved in?

I taught French Grades 9, 10, 11, 12

I did exchanges with Mayfield and schools in France and cultural  ski trips to St. Donat, Quebec.

Hosted WW2 FSSF(First Special Service Force)veterans as special guests.

2. What was your most memorable event at Mayfield?

Hosting 21 French boys from a French Lycée twinned with 21 Mayfield girls for a cultural homestay. It was a great success!

3. What are you doing now?

Enjoying meditation, yoga, ballroom dancing, xcountry skiing, kayaking, cottaging,

Volunteer on the Education Committee for the FSSFA,

Loving my first Grandbaby.

4. What/Who are you most looking forward to doing/seeing at the Mayfield 50 event?

I look forward to catching up with Mayfield staff and students, past and present!

Thank you Madame Rowe for your time and to share your Mayfield experience with us! We hoped you enjoyed and catch y'all later! ✌🐮

-Mayfield 50 Communications Team

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