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Mayfield Highlight #7: Lynne Golding

Hey Mavs, this is the Mayfield 50 Communications Team and we're absolutely thrilled to showcase fellow Mayfield Almuni, Lynne Golding! Ms Golding attended Mayfield during the Fall of 1975 and graduated in Spring 1980. Currently she is a lawyer at Fasken, where she is the Leader of the firm’s Health group. She has been nationally recognized as the Best Lawyer for Health Care Law since 2018. Ms Golding is also an accomplished author, having published two books in her soon to be trilogy called Beneath the Alders, which is a historical fiction series set in early 20th century Brampton.

Our team asked Ms Golding a few questions about her time at Mayfield, here's what she had to say!:

1. What years did you attend Mayfield? What areas were you involved in?

Fall 1975-Spring 1980. I was a prefect and eventually head prefect. I life guarded at the pool and briefly— very briefly—swam on the swim team.

2. What was your most memorable event at Mayfield?

The day Mr Bloom, my grade 10 history teacher, told my parents that I should go to university. That conversation changed everything for me.

3. What are you doing now?

I’m a lawyer, practising at Fasken, a large international law firm where I lead the health law practice group In my spare time, I am an author of the Beneath the Alders, a historical fiction series set in Brampton in the early 1900s.

4. What/Who are you most looking forward to doing/seeing at the Mayfield 50 event? I am looking forward to seeing my teachers, old friends and the Home Economics room, if it is still there! I know it isn’t popular to say, but my classes in that room spawned what I later came to know as my inner Martha Stewart

From the Mayfield 50 Communications Team, we'd like to thank Ms Lynne Golding for her time to talk to us and for sharing her time at Mayfield with the rest of the Mayfield 50 Community. We hope to see all you next week! Till then, Go Mavs Go!

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