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Danielle Reed-McCaw
Dec 11, 2019
In CLASS OF 1995
Hi everyone! It's looking a little quiet here, so I'll break the ice. I was a RAP vocal music student from '90-'95, and I loved Mayfield so much I never left! After a brief stint at University in New York, I raced back to Mayfield. I've been teaching primarily senior English and Writer's Craft here since 2000, and my own son graduated from the music program with the class of 2018. I look forward to celebrating the 50th birthday of the place that has come to mean so much to me and my family. And I look forward to seeing some of you again! Danielle Reed Here's me (left) with Kristina Miller and Lisa Hiney in 1993 And at a recent Mayfield Commencement
Class of '95!
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Danielle Reed-McCaw
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