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Mayfield Highlight #8: Russ White

Hey Mavs! Hope everyone is staying safe and warm during the current snow storm. If not, we've got some news that make you feel warm (at least warm inside anyways), the Mayfield 50 celebration is now 12 weeks away! We know that many of you are incredibly excited to see your old friends, classmates, teachers, and various other support staff at Mayfield. We can sit here and provide various great and notable examples of people who've contributed their talents to make Mayfield and its community the significant place it was to us and it is to its current students, one such individual is Russ White. Mr White was appointed Artistic Director at Mayfield by former Principal David Craig (you can find Principal David Craig's Highlight here) for the purpose of establishing the Regional Arts Program (RAP).

In 1988 I was appointed Artistic Director at Mayfield Secondary School by Principal David Craig, to establish a Regional Arts Program for the students north of the 401. I did presentations to the grade 8 students in the area, but a big challenge for Mayfield was the lack of public bus service to the school. We needed a dance studio so we modified a drafting room in the music area. During the 1990’s the arts students received numerous competitive awards for their achievements. In the fall of 1994 I moved to Gordon Grayson Secondary School with Principal Ray Beyer, a former Vice Principal at Mayfield, who was planning a new vision for the school. We created the International Business and Technology program with the focus on computer technology.

I retired in 1998 and started a charity called Youth in Motion, with a program of selecting the top 20 youth under 20 from across Canada each year. Many corporations supported the Youth in Motion program. I also started to do charity work in the financially challenged schools in Equador.

I now live in Wasaga Beach where I have been president of the Men’s Probus Club, and president of the Hometown Owners Association. I am very active in curling, lawn bowling, cards, and travelling. I was Chairman of Mayfield’s 25th Reunion and looking forward to Mayfield’s 50th celebrations.

A huge thanks again to Russ White to share his story about the creation of the Regional Arts Program and his various contributions to Mayfield and other education systems. I know we can't wait to see you at Mayfield 50 [on May 22 - 23, 2020 save the date people] to hear more about your experience! Again, stay safe out there Mavs, and we'll see you in a few days! -Mayfield 50 Communications Team

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