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Mayfield Highlight #4: Former Principal David R. Craig

Updated: Feb 26, 2020

"My years at Mayfield were the most rewarding of my working life.

At that time, the student population was growing rapidly aided by the introduction of the Regional Arts Program. This enabled me to hire some outstanding Dept Heads, teachers and coaches, and we achieved great success. This included excellence in all subject areas as well as the Arts and Athletics.

Some of the highlights that are special to me include national and international recognition of our Music program. Many of our music students came home with gold medals won at Music Fest Canada and the Ontario Vocal Festival. I also remember the 10 Downbeat Jazz awards. Downbeat is a famous international organization.

In Athletics, all our teams were a success at many levels. Some of the highlights included the domination of our volleyball teams and many Peel Championships. Provincially, four gold medals were won by the girls and silver and bronze medals were won by the boys. Girls rugby and Nordic ski were new programs that achieved success quickly and included Provincial recognition. We played football in the Provincial Metro Bowl, the only Arts school to do so. During that time, we had a lot to be proud of.

In retirement, I have had time to pursue many hobbies and spend more time with my wife Christine and our family. We support many charities and we garden, hike, bike ride, fish, canoe, kayak, read, go to jazz concerts and travel to many exciting places. Members of our family live, study and work in the South of France, Germany, Taiwan, and the USA. We bought a 57 Chevy and a 54 Dodge Convertible in Havana, Cuba about ten years ago. The vehicles are used as tourist taxis and the money earned supports five Cuban families. The 57 Chevy was in Fast and Furious eight starring Vin Diesel. Life is good. GO MAVS!"

-Former Principal David R. Craig

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